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Director/Vice President/Manager                                       10 years

  • Independent Technologies Corporation

  • 11422 Miracle Hills Drive, Suite 500

  • Omaha, NE 68154            Tel:  1-402-496-4700

  • LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation

  • 3900 West Innovation Street

  • Sioux Falls, SD 57107-7002         Tel:  1-605-988-1000

My last employer was Independent Technologies Co. ( ITC, Omaha, Nebraska).   ITC's niche is the coin phone market; they are also very strong with manufacturing of instrumentation for cable and telephone companies.

o        As Director of Software- I was in charge of an important project for our main client (SPRINT's FON Division).  After this project was finalized, I was promoted to Vice-President of International Sales, a new department that I was trusted to found.  Due to the advent of intelligent phones -that operate with cards instead of coins- our main niche was rapidly diminishing in Europe and Latin America.  The slump in Telecom sales all around the world during 2000-2 was the final straw.

o        Instead of returning to ITC’s headquarters in the American plains I opted to stay in Florida.  I am still in excellent rapport with my former employer, now as an Independent Sales Agent (please visit the specialized website at www.1stTEL.net where I am offering some of ITC's products).  This type of venture –though- only generates residual income.  I need a full time dedication.

When at LodgeNet I created their International Operations, negotiated all the contracts and technology agreements (hardware and software).  Developed the international leads, and did operation’s support for those partners that I had recommended and promoted to be our overseas Licensees.  I provided program initiation, follow up, closing, and operations accountability.

I have extensive experience with Microsoft Visual C++ and their MFC classes.  Have done administrative client/server applications for telephone companies (mostly in the Oracle platform). Most of the development was done with Visual C++ Studio and ODBC, therefore, I could work as easily with any other DBMS engines.  Currently I have 10 websites online, which I built with MS FrontPage, I do maintain, and promote to the Internet engines.

For ten solid years I have worked with telecommunications equipment, participating in radar installations in Latin America, and training of the ATC staff (air traffic control personnel) in Portuguese and in Spanish.   Have installed pay-per-view (video on demand) in 5-star hotel properties, and I was the person in charge of sales and licensing of those systems overseas.

I have had experience as Production Manager, Test Manager, and Executive.  I am a veteran of the Spanish Army (Military Police, Madrid).  I have dual citizenship, and have held US SECRET CLEARANCE in the past.  A poly-faceted engineer: Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Telecom, Software, ...  I can carry a business conversation in several international languages.

There were occasions when hundreds of employees (all three shifts) were trusted to my leadership, direction and care.   That was the case -for instance- when I was Production Manager for electronics manufacturers (Columbia Data Products Inc., Gurabo, Puerto Rico; and Storage TEK, Ponce, Puerto Rico). 


  • 1)  University of Vigo                              Spain

  •      Industrial Engineering                       Associate Degree

  • 2) University of Puerto Rico                   Mayagüez, PR

  •     Electrical Engineering                         Bachelor of Science

  • 3) University of Colorado                        Boulder, Colorado

  •       Telecommunications                           Masters

  • 4) Inter American University                  Cagüas, PR

  •      Business Administration                     Masters

  • 5) Colorado State University                   Fort Collins, Colorado

  •      Computer Sciences                             Ph. D.  (not finished)

  • John (Juan) Xuna    Xuna@MSN.com

  • Stuart, FL 34997

  • "LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.

Phn: 772 324-1123           Fax: 561 210-1370

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