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1) POLYGLOT (4 INT'L LANGUAGES).-   Dual citizenship, American and Spanish, speaking vernacularly Spanish and Portuguese. Born in Spain (near the Portuguese border). Wife is a Brazilian-American Artist, her art gallery at .  Lived in Paris, and do speak French.   Have carried business in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East,…


2) TALENTED ENGINEER .-    Earned several Engineering degrees.  Always graduated at the top 5% of class. BSEE (Electronics), MSTE (Telecom), MBA (Accounting), AIE (Industrial Drafting, Labor Standards), AME (Lathe and Milling Machine operator, LNC programmer).  Ph.D. coursework in Computer Sciences.


3) ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and BIO-SCIENTIST.-    Considered becoming Physician (therefore, strong academic background in Organic Chemistry, and Biosciences).  Met former wife when she was a medical student.  Founded "Animal Science Software Int'l" (Two Rivers, WI), "DairySoft" (Boulder, CO) and "Scientific Software" (Old San Juan, PR) that developed software for dairy farm operations.  Two children are Doctors.


4) DATABASE and SOFTWARE EXPERT .-     Expert in database technologies, client/server, Informix, Oracle, SQL scripts, ODBC routines, stored procedures.  GUIs in Visual C++ (MFC), core code in C or C++.  Also Prolog, Fortran, Cobol, Basic, Assembly. Developed data warehouse for SPRINT ("Contract and Commissions” -Oracle application known as "C&C"). Founded software ventures that built database engines in C and C++. 


5) SALES and MARKETING EXPERIENCE .-     Due to the bust in Telecomm sales, resigned to position as Vice President of International Sales with ITC.  Still in excellent rapport with former employer.


6) POLITICIAN and CONCERNED CITIZEN.-    Former candidate to the US Congress (no party affiliation -or NPA- FL d22, 2002).  Political sites can still be visited at ...

Ø       (a) "Progress of campaign" website at (memorial to the campaign efforts)

Ø       (b) "Coverage of issues" website at (legacy site: , Great State)

Ø       (c) ...



  • John (Juan) Xuna

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  • "LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.

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