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From:    John Xuna, Engineer

 I am an Electrical Engineer who earned a master degree in Telecommunications, did some PhD. coursework in Computer Sciences, and finished studies in Business Administration, master level. I was born in Vigo, Spain, 55 years ago.  Before relocating to America I served in the Spanish Army in Madrid (Military Police).   After 3 decades as engineer, in 2005 decided to do a career change, becoming a Teacher, yet -perhaps- only temporarily. .

In addition to English I speak Spanish vernacularly, fluent French (having lived in Paris for two years), and Portuguese, my wife is Brazilian and I grew up in Galicia, a region of Spain where we speak old-Portuguese (Lusitanian or Gallego) in addition to Castilian (or Spanish).   The ability to communicate in several languages has brought me opportunities to travel.  I started international operations for two American companies (LodgeNet Entertainment Inc. –and- Independent Technologies Co).

·         For many years I was dedicated to software development. I founded three software ventures that developed database engines for dairy farm operations.  Although my strength is Software (J++, C++, ODBC, client/server apps.) I do also have experience in Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Testing, International Sales, and other areas of knowledge.  I have been a University Professor.

·         Engineer for three decades, during those years I have worked with Radars, Avionics, Metallurgy, Satellite Links, Telephony, Cellular Technologies, Network Protocols, and so on.  Using Microsoft FrontPage I have developed websites, which I have been administering myself.  For several years have dealt with domain names (buying and selling).  I have developed important Client/Server applications (mainly in Oracle platforms) using Visual C++, stored procedures, SQL scripts, and other languages.

OTHER ABILITIES:  Good academic background in Biology and Organic Chemistry.  Founder of three software ventures that developed database applications for dairy farms (Animal Science Software International, Two Rivers, WI; DairySoft Inc., Boulder, CO; and Scientific Software, San Juan, PR).

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  In the 2002 elections I was a candidate to the US Congress in district 22 of Florida (Palm Beach and Broward counties).  For one year I was fully dedicated to my political campaign. Many Floridians voted for me.  I am very proud of what was accomplished.   In the annals of the Federal Government I appear as the only Spaniard-born who has ever attained to that high legislative office.  To say the least, it has been a fabulous, interesting, exhilarating experience!  Furthermore, I have passed through all kinds of scrutiny by the Federal Agencies, the State, and Press corps. You can trust my credentials, and my honesty.  No criminal record, of course.


  • John (Juan) Xuna

  • Stuart, FL 34997

  • "LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.

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